Inclusion Design Lab

At the Inclusion Lab, I teach Inclusive Design topics as well as topics that help promote Inclusive Design in practice via bi-monthly seminars of 20+ students each.

Featured Courses
Intro to Inclusive Design
Intro to Accessibility
Intro to UX Strategy
Intro to Storytelling


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UX Mentor

Not only am I passionate about UX education, I'm also very passionate about giving back through mentorship. Since 2020, I've been mentoring students at CareerFoundry.


General Assembly

Lead User Experience Design Instructor

I started teaching UX Design at General Assembly in 2019. Being an educator is something that I'm incredibly passionate about. Since then, UX education has been a focus whether through curriculum or instruction.


UX Come Up

I started the UX Come Up with my co-organizer, Pamela, to provide a space for UX beginners to learn and grow. At UXCU, we hosted monthly events and managed a community of over 2,000 members.

Featured Events
Diverse Voices in Design: Leveraging Your Superpower
Black Voices in UX: Inspiring Journeys
What Makes a Leader? Celebrating Asian Voices in Design
Storytelling Through an Authentic Lens: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Voices in Design

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