Full-time Experience

Design Strategy & Leadership

Leveraging my background in Frontend Development and Design as well as my experience in business and education, I lead teams that implement Inclusive Design practices and processes at scale. I’ve been building digital products for over 9 years .

Director of Design at Heady
Entrepreneurship & Community

Rita Creative Lab

I am the founder of Rita Creative Lab, an initiative striving to make tech more diverse and inclusive by supporting diverse career seekers and promoting inclusive practices for technologists and designers.

In addition to managing the team of volunteers and all operations, I also teach bi-monthly seminars of 20+ students each for tech and design beginners covering a range of topics including inclusive thinking, accessibility, diversity, equity and other related topics.

Featured Courses
Intro to Inclusive Design
Intro to Accessibility
Intro to Frontend Development
Intro to Digital Equity


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CUNY DesignWorks & General Assembly

I started teaching in 2019 and since then, tech and design education has become a key focus of mine. Educating the future of tech and design practitioners is something that I'm incredibly passionate about.

Featured Experiences
Design Instructor @ General Assembly
Design Instructor @ CUNY DesignWorks


Not only am I passionate about tech and design education, I'm also passionate about giving back to the community through mentorship. Since 2020, I've been mentoring students at CareerFoundry.


Events & Talks

To put it simply, I love sharing ideas with an audience in fun and creative ways. Prior to the pandemic, I spoke at in-person events but since 2020, I've been speaking remotely every month. While I look forward to being able to speak at events in person again, I've been super enjoying finding ways to make the most out of virtual speaking.

Learn more about my speaking experience below and feel feel to send me a message if you'd like to work together!


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UX Come Up

I started a UX community named UX Come Up with my co-organizer, Pamela, to provide a space for UX beginners to learn and grow. We hosted monthly events and managed a community of over 2,000 members. UX Come Up ran from 2019 to 2021.

Featured Events
Diverse Voices in Design: Leveraging Your Superpower
Black Voices in UX: Inspiring Journeys
What Makes a Leader? Celebrating Asian Voices in Design
Storytelling Through an Authentic Lens: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Voices in Design

Learn more about my speaking experience here.

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